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New Goalball Rules 2014

Goalball Rule Changes 2014-17 Summary

1.2 Team area Change
In front of the goals at each end of the court are Team Areas, 6 m, (+-0.05 m) long by 9,00 m (+-0.05 m) wide. The Team Areas are divided in to two equal sections (3 m (+-0.05 m) long and 9 m (+-0.05 m) wide). These sections will be called the Orientation Area and the Landing Area. The Orientation Area is closest to the goal and the Landing Area is furthest from the goal. (This extends the team area from the previous rules. Illegal defense is extended accordingly).
6.5 Eyeshade Check

British Goalball cup 2011 Part1

British Goalball cup 2011 Part2

British Goalball cup 2011 part3

British Goalball cup 2011

Goalball Cup 2010-2011

This season’s (2010-2011) National Goalball Cup (certainly the biggest goalball tournament in the UK) was held in June at the English Institute of Sports In Sheffield. At the competition, four of the best teams in the UK were brought together to contest the most prestigious goalball cup of the season. Teams entered included: London Sports, Thames Valley, Vista and Rochdale.

Lost of data

Our website was under attack and we have lost a few postings both in the news and events section;
Therefore we are recovering from it and I will try to post all the items again;

British Goalball Cup 2009

The top news of British Goalball Cup is that;
London retained their title, Cup and are the British Goalball Cup champion 2009!
I will post the result once I got them;

Vista experience tournament

Hi, sorry for not posting this earlier;
London Sport has won the Vista tournaments and we destroyed every team; we are now won 3 tournaments since goalball cup and we did not win the west midlands and john Oakley tournaments due to several unforeseen problems that the club had. We also had new player called Jack and well down m8t for your first experience tournament;
As you can see below is the Tournament schedule with some result;

1. Vista V Leeds
2. London Sport V West midlands 6-3
3. North London V Vista
4. Leeds V London Sports 8-5

Paralympic Goalball 2008

What a fantastic tournament!

The Beijing Paralympics Games Goalball Tournament was packed with sporting entertainment at its best, with thrills and twists and turns and excitement in every game! In addition to that china showed how goalball should be played and they were magnanimously victorious in their own land.

You can press on the link below and listen to the final game between Lithuania – China
And then you can post your comment and tell us what do you think of it;
Gold Match

European Goalball Championship 2008


Some of the players of London Sport (LGC) has been selected to represent Great Britain in the European Goalball Championships 2008 which will take place in Finland, Pajulahti. They are as follows:
Osman Baiia
Yahye Siyad and
Ahmed Alasow.